Friday, January 26, 2007

Effective, Safe Treatment for Morgellons Found

Reaserch Scientists in Los Angeles have conducted clinical trials on a product called NutraSilver. Still unclear why the product works so effectively on Morgellons, the team trialled 10 Morgellons patients over the course of several weeks. All patients experienced significant healing of lesions and most other symptoms. Most noteably, they experienced a reduction of biting sensations, fatigue, brain fog and general aches and pains in the skeletal system.

These doctors are wanting to conduct clinical trials on other diseases, expecting similar results. NutraSilver has only been available for private purchase in the United States for only four months.

Morgellons sufferers , all of whom are self-diagnosed, have been trying to treat themselves in any way they can using creams, herbs, pharmacuticals such as anitbiotics and some have even tried a dog de-wormer called fenbendazol. These home remedies have produced short-term results, only to have the symptoms return, oftentimes worse then when they started. These victims have spent a great deal of money without results. Now, for about $2.42 per day, Morgellons sufferers can expect to see healing within a day or two.

It is important to understand that the patient must also take care of themselves; they must find ways to boost their immune system by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, taking nutritional suppliments, getting exercise and eliminating food and drink substances that aggrevate their symptoms. Most noteably, carbohydrates, such as sweets,. bread and pasta's and drinking alcohol are to be eliminated. It is extremely important to do common sense activities that improve their health.

NutraSilver comes in a 30 ml bottles and is completely non-toxic and safe to take for adults and children of all ages. There are no contra-indications to prescribed medications or side effects when taken as directed by the label. For more information on the safety and history of NutraSilver;